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To Tell the Truth

Do you believe this man?

"We've got 13 pitchers, and a chance to sit [Wise] for these 15 days and get him feeling better," Brewers manager Ned Yost said. "Odds are that it probably wouldn't feel better for two, three, four or even five days, and there's no sense in going short on the bench when you've got a pitcher that can't throw out there."

So yeah, Matt Wise is now on the DL.  I'm skeptical of that "few days" bit too, especially once we get here:

Wise hopes that once the inflammation in his elbow subsides, the nerve will calm down. Surgery is an option should the problem persist.

Called up to take Wise's place is Laynce Nix.  He's been hitting well since the trade; maybe he'll turn out to be more than just a throw-in.  It's good to know that, if Bud Selig changes the rules of baseball and requires that each team play four centerfielders, we're set!

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