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And thus, Coco becomes a legend


- T. Helton tripled to deep center
- Y. Torrealba struck out swinging
- B. Hawpe walked
- L. Gonzalez struck out swinging
- C. Freeman hit for M. Corpas
- C. Freeman walked, B. Hawpe to second
- C. Sullivan struck out swinging

A few factoids to put this in some kind of perspective:

  • The last time Francisco Cordero walked two guys in an inning was May 23rd in a blown save against the Angels.  Last night was only the third time of his season.

  • Todd Helton has 26 career triples.  That...surprised me.

  • This year, with a runner on third and no outs, a team scores, on average, over 1.5 runs.

  • With runners at the corners and one out, teams average 1.2 runs.

  • With the bases loaded and two outs, teams average over .8 runs.  Needless to say, I can't wait for the WPA graph on this one.

It's easy to come to conclusions about icewater in the veins and all that, though I keep reminding myself Coco got out of a jam that was (at least somewhat) of his own making.  But aside from all the statistics, that was exciting.  It might even nudge the Brewers playoff chances above five percent!