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Angel Salome Out For the Year

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The Journal-Sentinel has the lowdown:

Class A West Virginia catcher Angel Salome, a candidate for the Brewers' minor-league player of the year, was lost for the remainder of the season when he fractured his left ankle sliding into second base a few days ago. A metal plate was inserted to repair the injury, but the Brewers expect Salome to be completely recovered by next spring.

If all the big club's injuries this season have been avowed by Yost and the braintrust to be minor, what does it mean when they come right out and say the guy is done?  Salome probably only has days to live!  

Then again, all the obvious symptoms are probably misleading, and he's really being poisoned by termites.  The only sure thing is that if they treat him for the termites, the ankle will kill him and if they treat him for the ankle, the termites will kill him.  But I digress.

As the J-S indicates, Salome rules and it sucks that he's injured.  Hopefully this doesn't affect his development--I'm looking at you, Mr. Nelson--because this season has made him one of the top catching prospects in the game, no fanboy hyperbole necessary.