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8/23 Game Thread: Rockies (59-66) at Brewers (60-65)

It's another fun-filled night of tension and anxiety, because You Know Who is pitching, coming off a bad start against the Astros.  Looking on the bright side, at least he's making this start; last time he faced the Astros he didn't pitch again for almost three months.  Looking on the dark side, his velocity was down last time out.  Maybe he's just working through one of those nebulous "dead arm" periods. Maybe he has termites.  Who knows at this point?

Opposing Sheets is Byung-Hyun Kim, who dominated the Brewers in Colorado three weeks ago but got shelled last time out against the Mets.  The differing results probably have something to do with the distinct lack of Beltran in the Brewers' lineup.  Who knows, maybe we have a slugging, Gold Glove-caliber centerfielder ourself.  Or maybe we have termites.

Go Brewers!