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Scott Boras all the way

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I can't find it on the site right now, but I'm sure that, a few months ago, I made the mistake of saying that Carlos Lee was a Scott Boras client. I was wrong then, but I'm right now. Only a month after Barry Zito switched his allegiance to Boras, Caballo has followed suit.

In other words, that sound you just heard was the door firmly slamming on any chance the Brewers have, or ever had, to bring Lee back. That, of course, is fine: for all the time we spent talking about it, this team really seems okay without Carlos in left field, especially now that we get to have two good corner outfielders playing every day instead of just one.

In other news today:

  • Geoff Jenkins has "broken the silence:"
    "It has zero to do with the player I am, the player I know I can be and the player I have been," Jenkins told the paper. "I'm at peace with the fact. I am not going to beat myself up over it. I know I'm a great player."
  • Doug Melvin talked to the Journal-Sentinel about Corey Hart, and in so doing, received the Brew Crew Ball "Captain Obvious" award for August:
    "He's very versatile as a hitter," general manager Doug Melvin said. "You can hit him up in the top of the order, because he has the ability to steal some bases.

    "I think as he develops, you can even hit him down in the order a little bit, maybe as a third or fourth man in the lineup. Right now, he's getting the opportunity and he looks relaxed."

  • Some of you might not be aware of this, but there's another professional sports team in Wisconsin, and they start their season pretty soon. Apparently they play up in Northern Wisconsin somewhere. I was frustrated by the fact that no one seems to pay any attention to them, so Rick Stratton and I started blogging about them. It's a still a work in progress, but check it out at

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