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08/25/2006 @ Florida Marlins

Top Win Expectancy shifts:
20.7% - Mike Jacobs' 3rd inning, 1-out, 2-run double to reduce Florida's deficit to 4-5.
18.4% - Bill Hall's 3rd inning, 0-out, 2-run home run to give Milwaukee a 4-2 lead.
11.4% - Jeremy Hermida's 3rd inning, 2-out, 1-run single to put the Marlins up 6-5.
10.8% - Jeff Cirillo's 8th inning, 2-out pop out to second with runners on first and second and the Brewers down 5-6.
10.8% - Mike Jacobs' 1st inning, 2-out, 1-run double to give Florida a 2-1 lead.

(Click on the graph for a larger version)

What is WPA?

Current Brewers' Hitting Streaks:
Gabe Gross - 3 games
Mike Rivera - 3 games
David Bell - 2 games
Bill Hall - 2 games

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