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Four and a Half!

Last night, the Reds won and the Cardinals lost, which makes things really, really interesting. Those two teams are in a virtual lock for first in the NL Central, both up 4.5 games on Milwaukee.

While I would normally not be happy that the Reds came out on top last night, they beat the Giants, who are now behind us in the Wildcard hunt. That means the Brewers move into a tie for fourth with the D-Backs, 2 games behind Philly, 3 games behind San Diego, and 4.5 back of the pace.

If it wasn't the case already, I think yesterday's games move us officially into the race.

Here's what needs to happen for the Brewers to make the playoffs:

  • Tomo Ohka needs to keep hitting lefthanded. (So should Ben Sheets.)
  • Doug Davis needs to hit righthanded. (So should Geoff Jenkins.)
  • Jose Capellan needs to have the best six weeks of his MLB career: when he, Francisco Cordero, and Brian Shouse are all pitching well, Milwaukee has one of the best 7-8-9 bullpens in the NL.
  • Ned Yost needs to remember that Dan Kolb is not part of that 7-8-9.
  • Please, in the name of Harvey Kuenn, let everyone stay healthy.
  • Ben Sheets can't tweak, strain, sprain, or break anything. Best that he gets a full-body anaesthetic before each start.
  • Mike Maddux needs to tell Doug Davis that base on balls is actually a German phrase meaning "you're not going to make very much money next year if your ERA is over 5.00."
  • The good Brady Clark needs to come back, giving us a .380-.390 OBP guy at the top of the order.
  • Ned needs to keep playing Brady even when the guy has back-to-back 0-4s.
  • Geoff Jenkins needs to get hit by a pitch at least once per start. If not, send him to the part of the bench formerly known as "Corey Hart's splinter farm."
  • Speaking of Corey, he needs a good month. The power is coming, the average is there--let's have an 8 HR, 30 RBI month, shall we?
  • Daron and Bill have to say "No doubt about it" at least 85 times per game--that once per win we'll probably need to make the postseason.
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