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Former Brewer Notes

In an effort to shift the focus away from the dreadful last three games, I thought we could take a look at some recent Brewers, and how they're doing elsewhere:

  • Gary Bennett, a guy who I wouldn't take back over Mike Rivera even if his does this every night for the rest of the season, finished back-to-back games with walk off hits. On Saturday, he homered, then singled in the winning run in the 9th. Yesterday, it was a bottom-of-the-ninth grand slam. Yes--that's the same Gary Bennett who slugged .327 for us.

  • Wes Helms is continuing his pinch-hitting mastery. He's 13 for 36 as a PH with 2 HRs and 10 RBIs. Most impressive (or disturbing) is that he's managed 3 triples. That's kind of like Damian Miller stealing bases. Strangely enough, he's hitting much better against righties. Last year, he put together a nice season by beating up on lefties. Go figure.

  • As much as I was sad to see Jorge de la Rosa traded, I'm not at all sad to not have to scratch my head over his inconsistency anymore. That, Royals fans can do:
    "He's got good stuff, electric stuff," manager Buddy Bell said. "This is the first time, really, he's been somewhere that he got an extended look as a starter. I'd really like to keep him in there."

    ...Since arriving, De La Rosa, 25, is 1-1 with a 7.48 ERA in five starts and has allowed 17 runs in his last 15 2/3 innings. He is scheduled to pitch Thursday, when the Royals conclude a three-game series at Minnesota. That will be eight days after he failed to last four innings after being staked to a 10-1 lead against the Indians.

  • Carlos Lee is hitting well since the trade to Texas, but I can't imagine the Rangers are happy with his power production. His AL line thus far is .325/.361/.504. The first two numbers are improvements on his performance with the Brewers, but the last is a big step down. I expected more, especially with Carlos headed to the homer-friendly Ballpark in Arlington.
In our next edition of "Former Brewer Notes," we'll focus on departed fan favorites Kevin Mench, Dan Kolb, and Geoff Jenkins.

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