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Assorted news

  • Luke Hochevar, the #1 overall pick in the June draft, finally signed with the Royals:
    Hochevar will sign the contract on Saturday, Aug. 5 and be placed on the Royals 40-man roster. He is only the fourth No. 1 overall pick in the last 20 years to sign a Major League contract, joining Delmon Young (2003), Pat Burrell (1998) and Alex Rodriguez (1993). Hochevar signed his contract quicker than three of the last four No. 1 overall picks.

    ...Note: Our sources indicate that the deal is as follows: $3.5 mil signing bonus, $5.3 mil guaranteed, $7 mil w/ incentives.

  • Jose Reyes signed a four-year deal with the Mets today for a mere $23 million.  It includes an option for 2011.  We can only hope that JJ Hardy plays well enough next year to make this contract relevant to the Crew.

  • Nate Silver chimes in with his take on the Carlos Lee deal, comparing it to several others.  On the group of Brewers deadline deals:
    I don't know if Doug Melvin is eating too much chorizo, but this is a strange series of moves by the Brewers. I'm not sure that I can remember a team hedging its bets in this fashion at the trade deadline before. That said, "strange" doesn't necessarily mean "bad." Mench isn't that big a downgrade from Carlos Lee, and will provide a respectable, arbitration-eligible bat in 2007 and 2008 while the team leverages its young talent and addresses other areas of need. Cordero is a good "buy low" guy, and comes to a team that can make good use of him--his impact could be even greater than what's represented here if we consider that he'll be pitching high-impact innings for a team that plays a lot of close ballgames.

The Crew starts a weekend set with the Cardinals tomorrow night in St. Louis.  Start thinking negative thoughts about Tony!