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News and notes

  • Rickie Weeks may be out for the season:
    "I'm conditioning myself not to expect him to come back," Melvin said. "If he comes back, it's great. You never know -- things can change. But we have seven weeks left."
  • Here's the latest edition of Anne in the Stands, about the danger of throwing like a girl in front of thousands of people. It's a really funny story--you should read it.

  • Anybody a client of Associated Bank? If you are, you can now order Milwaukee Brewers branded checks. Really. This quote is worth printing, if only because you know Hartlund must have had the last line prepared:
    We certainly derive a benefit to have our mark on their checks," said Jason Hartlund, director of corporate marketing with the Brewers. "And they view us as a valuable outlet to get their name out in southeastern Wisconsin. We're happy to be associated with Associated."
  • They're not very happy at Viva El Birdos. I would be sympathetic, but I'll wait until they lose another eight straight.