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8/5 Game Thread: Brewers (52-57) at Cardinals (58-50)

Maybe I've reverted to thinking about the Crew with the expectations I brought to the table a year or two ago, but five games under .500 suddenly doesn't seem so dreadful.

Ned's lineup looks a lot like last night's, with Gabe Gross leading off and playing center instead of Brady Clark. Having Gabe lead off is an eloquent way of saying, "we don't have a leadoff hitter in our lineup today."

Ben Sheets will try to continue his wonderful second half (3 ER and 15 K's in 15 IP) with the benefit of Gary Bennett in the lineup against him. Anthony Reyes will pitch for the Cards; he's been decent but Doug Davis-like. Too many walks (on occasion, anyway) and not enough strikeouts. He's only racked up one win in his last eight starts, though, to be fair, a couple of his outings in that stretch have been very good.

Go Brewers!