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The other Cappy

As you'd know if you read John's Minor League Notes this morning, Jose Capellan pitched a perfect inning in Huntsville yesterday.  He's eligible to return from the DL tomorrow, and it would seem that he's ready.

Of course, the Brewers could leave him in Double-A for three weeks and then trade him for a veteran infielder, but I think we've cornered the market by now.  Unless Doug Melvin and Gord Ash want to start trading with each other, Jose's going nowhere.

The interesting question is: who goes?  The ugly (and quite possible) answer is Ben Sheets, who could go back on the DL.  The official line has Ben missing a couple days or maybe a week, but we know how much stock to put in the official line now.

Ned could go back to the 13-man staff (which would be completely insensible, with five good starters now), and send Tony Gwynn back down (or, given our manager's apparent preferences, demote Corey Hart).  It could be the end of the Geremi Gonzalez era.  If Sheets actually does recover, there's very little need for two long men in the bullpen.

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