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Sarfate and Rottino called up

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I haven't got a link yet, but a press release from the Brewers says that the Brewers are calling up exactly two players today: pitcher Dennis Sarfate and utility guy/third baseman Vinny Rottino.

Sarfate's been pitching out of the bullpen for the last several weeks after spending his entire career as a starter. He's had trouble with walks this year, but he's still a decent prospect.

Rottino's promotion surprises me: he's a key member of the Nashville team that's about to go to the playoffs, and Vinny is playing in the AFL, which starts only about a week after the MLB season in over. I'm glad to see him up, though: he made a very strong impression this Spring, and I still harbor hopes that he could be the '07 Brewers second catcher and general utility guy.