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I love outfielders!

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Your results... The Brewers made four roster moves today--with the Sounds out of the PCL playoffs, it was expected that the roster would grow somewhat, and it did:

This is all a bit surprising to me. Of course, Gwynn and Villanueva were expected, but Anderson? Are we holding an open audition in PNC Park to determine who will make up the Nashville outfield next year? Anderson is also headed to the AFL in October, so apparently he has impressed the right people within the organization.

The main reason I didn't expect this is that it puts more pressure on an already jammed 40-man roster. Wise, Koskie, and Weeks are all on the 60-day DL, which means we really have a 43-man roster. Maybe Anderson would've had to be protected after this year anyway, but it seems like a foolish use of a spot when there's little or no chance he'll suit up for the Brewers before September 07.

Another unexpected development: unless more Nashville callups are pending, that means Dana Eveland, Ben Hendrickson, Zach Jackson, and Dave Krynzel (not to mention Chris Demaria and Chris Barnwell) aren't coming back this year. I'm not shocked that Hendrickson and Krynzel are being passed over, but Dana and Zach?

This might not be the end of the callups: Mike Jones and Manny Parra are both on the 40-man and still playing in the Southern League and could get a quick look-see the last week of the season. And, of course, JJ Hardy could be transferred to the 60-day DL, making room for yet another addition to the roster--perhaps Ryan Braun?