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9/11 Game Thread: Brewers (65-78) at Pirates (58-86)

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Ok, we've been through this before. Let's lay it out, step by step:

  • PREMISE: The Brewers are much better than the Pirates.
  • PREMISE: The Brewers suck on the road.
  • PREMISE: But, dude, the Pirates REALLY suck!
  • CONCLUSION: The Brewers will beat the Pirates.
The logic is inescapable, but somehow Milwaukee keeps losing. Do we need to look to alternative logical systems to explain the 2006 Brewers season? (Yes, in the name of David Bell, I think we do.)

Tonight Doug Davis will lead us into his own personal alternative logic, facing the once-feared young lefty Zach Duke, who must remember this game.

Go Brewers!