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9/13 Games Thread: Let's Play Two!

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The festivities start at 12:35 ET this afternoon. Game 1 is Chris Capuano (11-10, 3.49) vs. Shawn Chacon (1-2, 6.33). Game 2 is Ben Sheets (4-6, 4.38) Ian Snell (12-10, 4.88).

With two games' worth of lineup cards to fill and a few new players, Ned could put some interesting combinations on the field. Or he could give Geoff Jenkins a start.

Also, Game 2 of the Southern League playoffs is tonight, so you could listen to THREE Brewers-related baseball games today! Or, you could be like the vast majority of Brewers "fans" and pretend like the season ended weeks ago. Not that I don't see the merit in such an approach...

Go Brewers!