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9/15 Game Thread: Brewers (66-80) at Nationals (63-83)

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Given that I post one of these things almost every day, I think I've started to take each starting lineup a bit seriously. Regardless, each one seems to carry some information about what Ned Yost is thinking--which is a good thing, because his mouth doesn't carry particularly relevant or reliable information.

Here are today's starters:

Here's what I think today's lineup has to say about Ned's state of mind:
  • At long last, Corey is IN. He's playing over Mench and Clark, playing both corner positions, and getting better (and more appropriate) placement in the batting order. This is the best news of the second half of the season.

  • The job of 2007 CFer is Tony Gwynn's to lose. A solid September puts Brady Clark on the trading block, if he wasn't there already.

  • Ned likes Mike Rivera. (Again, FINALLY!) He could've asked Melvin to make a roster move to get Chad Moeller back so that there'd be a 3rd catcher on the expanded roster, but that hasn't haappened. On the flip side, he doesn't seem interested in trying Vinny Rottino behind the plate.

  • Ned is very happy that Jenkins is hot. I'm afraid Geoff is back in the starting lineup until he really cools off again, which could--heaven forbid--stretch into 2007.

  • Kevin Mench's new nickname is "non-tender."
Go Brewers!