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We've had our share of pitcher injuries this year, but this is the first time Brewers fans might feel confident that a replacement is available and ready. Tomo Ohka left last night's game with a left hamstring injury, ending his season (and perhaps his career in Milwaukee, such as it has been).

And, of course, Carlos Villanueva came riding to the rescue. He pitched five perfect innings (yes, perfect), got his first Major League win, and even stroked a single for a 3rd inning RBI. It looks like Carlos will move right into Ohka's rotation spot and get a couple of starts before the season is over. If he performs well, he should be the odds-on favorite to be the Brewers' 5th starter in April.

Does this mean Dana Eveland or Ben Hendrickson will return from their offseason to join the team? I don't know, but it does seem strange that Eveland didn't get the call. Perhaps Team Canada wishes to limit Eveland's innings for the year, especially since he pitched in relief for part of 2005.

Many of us will be thrilled to see this:

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost said Friday that the team would be best served next season by putting Bill Hall at one position and leaving him.
Uh, you think? If Corey Koskie comes back strong next spring, this could create an interesting logjam at shortstop. If JJ Hardy hadn't been hurt for so long, I might advocate exploring the trade market for him, but since he hasn't reached the level the Brewers seem to think he can, that doesn't seem like much of an option.