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9/16 Game Thread: Brewers (67-80) at Nationals (63-84)

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Remember the superglue that Ned Yost used to keep Corey Hart's butt firmly planted on the bench until the All-Star Break? Finally he's found a good use for it, with Kevin Mench apparently out of the lineup until Geoff Jenkins goes 0-73 again.

Brady Clark is still out too, and the suddenly (and shockingly) hot Jenkins has moved up to #5 in the batting order. That's above Corey, which makes me just a little worried. I know, I'm overly concerned with these things, but knowing Ned as I do, every little signal makes me queasy.

Dave Bush pitches for the Brewers, trying to keep his winning percentage above .500, while Pedro Astacio will take the mound for the Nats. Alfonso Soriano is still trying to get his 40th stolen base, to which I say: gun him down, Mike Rivera, gun him down!

Go Brewers!