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Wise is done (and other notes)

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Lots of good info in the most recent Notes column in the J-S:

  • Matt Wise is probably done for the season.  (Is anybody surprised?  Hands?  That's what I thought.)

  • Much better news: the Brewers Minor League affiliates will be the same for at least two more years:
    The Brewers announced Friday that they had extended their player development contract with Huntsville, Brevard County and rookie-league affiliate Helena. Huntsville and Helena got extensions through 2008, Brevard County a deal through 2010.
    Congrats, Buck: this sounds like much-deserved recognition for a job well done.

  • Speaking of Brevard County, Mike Jones was promoted to Huntsville as part of the Sept 1 roster shuffle.  He's had a nice comeback season, and might actually be part of the Brewers plans again someday.  He'll join former teammates Steve Hammond, Yovani Gallardo, and Ryan Braun, guys who have taken a last-place Southern League team straight to the top.