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Minor League Players of the Year!

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Yovani Gallardo is one of the best prospects in baseball. Without a doubt, he's the best pitching prospect currently in the Brewers system, and yesterday he was recognized as such.

The Brewers named Ryan Braun Minor League player of the year, and Gallardo pitcher of the year. I can just imagine the meeting that went into that decision:

Lackey #1: Gallardo, obviously.
Lackey #2: Yeah, Gallardo, of course.
Lackey #3: What about Carlos Villanueva?
Lackies #1 and #2: Shut up.
Yovani's numbers for the year are simply eye-popping:
Gallardo, 20, a second-round draft pick in 2004, also split the season between Brevard County and Huntsville, going a combined 11-5 with a 1.86 ERA in 26 starts. He held opponents to a .192 batting average while striking out 188 batters in just 155 innings.
He's 20! He may be one more full year away from the Majors, but to compare: Jered Weaver is 23, and Francisco Liriano is 22. Human beings aren't supposed to pitch this well two and half years removed from high school.

It's almost a footnote by comparison, but Ryan Braun has had himself a solid year after a modest first half in the FSL. More than anything else, he got a midseason promotion because of his prospect status and because "it was time," but he showed that he deserved the boost:

Promoted to Huntsville on June 21, Braun struck out 19 times in his 11 games, but rebounded by hitting .382 in July. He was actually better during his tenure against tougher competition at Huntsville than he was at Brevard, hitting .303 in 59 games with 15 of his 22 homers.
I can only hope that Gallardo and Braun don't repeat--I'd much rather they earn their way to Milwaukee by July!