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Here, There, and Everywhere

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Starting today, I'm writing a weekly column for The Hardball Times. As most of you probably know, THT is a great source for baseball writing of the geeky and non-geeky varieties, and I'm honored to be included.

Today's article is about how the Marlins put together credible team for 2006 while looking further into the future, and what teams could benefit from that type of approach this offseason. One of those teams, I suggest, is the Brewers:

...after a strong finish, Ben Sheets could become the hottest trading chip this winter. Teams will be wary of his injury history, but the Marlins managed to get a very nice package for Beckett, who might as well endorse blister pads. In addition to Chris Capuano, who established himself as a potential ace this year, Milwaukee is stocked with young pitchers who encourage wishcasting: Dave Bush, Carlos Villanueva, Dana Eveland, and Zach Jackson, with Yovani Gallardo, Steve Hammond, Tim Dillard, Manny Parra, and Mike Jones right behind them. If a Sheets deal brought in another Dave Bush-type hurler, Ned Yost would quite literally have more options than he would know what to do with.
Of course, you should read the whole thing.