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9/23 Game Thread: Giants (Clothed) at Brewers (Streaking)

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It's Chris Capuano, still going for his SECOND post-ASB win, vs. Noah Lowry, who coughed up nine runs in less than two innings his last time out. If Cappy wins tonight, he'll pull even with Dave Bush for the team Wins lead. It doesn't mean a whole lot as an indicator of performance, but it just wouldn't feel right if he didn't get another win or two before the season ended.

Speaking of feeling right: Corey Hart is starting and playing right field--you know what that means, kiddies: Geoff Jenkins is back on the bench.

The Crew has won three in a row and four out of five--I say let Barry hit a HR or two, but under no circumstances more home runs than Corey Hart hits. Fair? I thought so.

Go Brewers!