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9/24 Game Thread: Giants (ha, ha) at Brewers (yeehaw!)

Four in a row! Five out of six! Save after brilliant save for Francisco Cordero! Clutch hits from nearly everybody on the team! Well-placed fly balls directly at Barry Bonds's glove!

Good pitching matchup this afternoon: Ben Sheets vs. Matt Cain. Helping Sheets make it a good pitching matchup: Barry Bonds is out of the lineup, as he often is in the day game following a night game.

However, Mike Rivera is NOT out of the lineup. It's too bad the nickname "Iron Mike" is taken, because it would be most appropriate for a man who caught a 13-12 game and a 10-8 game back to back...then came out for more then next afternoon. We'll hear about Damian Miller's nagging injuries in 3...2...1...

Go Brewers!