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9/29 Game Thread: Brewers (-7.5) at Cardinals (+0.5)

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You know, looking at the Cardinals lineup today, you can really see the dangers of building a team through free agency and mid-season veteran pickups.  There are a lot of decent players on St. Louis's team, but aside from Pujols and Rolen (in today's lineup, anyway), decent is all they've got.

Encarnacion, Taguchi, Preston Wilson, Eckstein, Belliard, Jeff Weaver...blah.  

With Tony Graffanino and David Bell in the lineup, maybe this Brewers fan oughtn't be talking, but we do have a lot of the young core playing today: Corey Hart, Tony Gwynn, Prince Fielder, Billy Hall, and a nifty player on the mound in Ben Sheets.  

Would it be tasteless to say, "Win this one for Butch?"  How about, "Win this one for Rocket!"  Or, "Win this one just because it'd be friggin' awesome to kick the Cardinals out of first place!"  Suggestions, obviously, are welcome.

Go Brewers!