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9/3 Game Thread: Marlins (2 games back) at Brewers (7.5 games back)

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If, somehow, the Marlins have a dream September and win the Wildcard, every Florida player should personally write out and send a thank-you note to the Brewers organization.  

This afternoon, the Fish will try to complete our humiliation.  It's Tomo Ohka for the Brewers against Scott Olsen for the Marlins--the only starters who didn't appear in the series in Florida.  The lineup is a new one: Vinny Rottino is starting at third at batting seventh, with Corey Hart moved up to the #5 slot, where he belongs.  Jeff Cirillo is batting third and playing first, both of which are at least defensible with a lefty on the mound.

Go Brewers!