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9/5 Game Thread: Dodgers (73-64) at Brewers (63-75)

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It's Mark Hendrickson (1-6, 4.99) vs. Doug Davis (9-9, 5.18), a battle of uninspiring lefties with control issues.  Hendrickson has gone 11 innings without a walk, but this game made DD look like a control freak.  Davis hasn't won in his last three starts, but two of those weren't too dreadful.  Let's hope Jim Wolf has a generous strike zone this evening.

The lineup looks nice: Brady Clark's batting leadoff with Prince Fielder, Bill Hall, and Corey Hart forming the middle of the order.  It's not murderer's row, but it's the best 3-4-5 a million bucks can buy--this side of the Marlins, anyway.

Go Brewers!