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Bill Hall Brings the Funk

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Bill Hall has been selected as the Brewers nominee for the Roberto Clemente award, and as usual, he comes across as a great guy:

"I always like to give back," said Hall, who grew up in a working-class family in Nettleton, Miss. "You try to give the kids as many opportunities as possible to be successful. I don't know if I'll win [the overall award] but it's great to be one of the nominees."
For those of you with a more statistical bent, check out Marc Normandin's Player Profile of Billy. It's subscriber-only, so if you can't get behind the wall, here's Marc's conclusion:
Hall's improvement seems sustainable in the long run; he's still just 26, has finally adapted to the level of play he is at, and has improved his patience at the same time that he has added considerable power to his skill set. Granted, this does not mean Hall is guaranteed any, let alone many 30+ homer seasons in the future, but he has certainly turned a corner and advanced further than his 2005 season suggested he could. Not every player who is rushed as much as Hall through the minors gets to put together a productive career, especially a player with his initial assortment of weaknesses, but it looks as if the Brewers found themselves a productive player for third base or shortstop.