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9/8 Game Thread: Astros (spoiled) at Brewers (spoilers)

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There better be some good pitching tonight, because the two dudes providing most of the work from the mound are getting paid very, very well to do so. Ben Sheets (4-6, 4.54) hasn't been perfect since his return, but he's been quite consistent: in his last five starts, he's pitched exactly seven innings.

Roy Oswalt (11-8, 3.12) pitches for Houston--that is, if he doesn't end up stuck in his pile of money.

Also: the Brewers claimed RHP Chris Spurling off of waivers from the Tigers. He pitched quite well for the Toledo Mudhens, and hey--maybe this is finally the waiver-wire steal from Team Canada that we've been waiting for all summer. If you want to know more about him, check out search results for him at--wait for

Go Brewers!