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Big Saturday Game Thread: Rank These Games!

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Tonight in Milwaukee, it's the 64-77 Brewers hosting the 69-71 Astros. Houston continues to insist that they're in the playoff hunt, which is techinically true, if only because nobody else sucks much less. Jason Hirsh takes on Tomo Ohka.

In other (much more interesting?) action, the Nashville Sounds are fighting for their life in the PCL playoffs. That game is this afternoon, at 1:05. Compare these folks to the Major League lineup:

Yes, that Justin Lehr.

Then, at 7:05, the Huntsville Stars try to close out their playoff victory after an outstanding effort from Yovani Gallardo last night. I can't find much info on tonight's game, but it looks like Tim Dillard's turn to start, which bodes well for our Double-A affiliate.

Go Big and Little Brewers!