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  • Doug Melvin is a Cardinals fan.
    "It was a pretty interesting and exciting game," said Brewers general manager Doug Melvin, who said he was rooting for the Cardinals because his family vacations with St. Louis counterpart Walt Jocketty.
    Do you think they invite Gord Ash along too? I bet Jocketty and Melvin drive the boat while Gordo hangs onto the inner tube for dear life, visions of Mike Sirotka flashing before his eyes.

    Okay, that's not what the article is really about, but we've all heard enough about Jeff Suppan and how incredibly boring--I mean reliable--he is. To wit:

    But Suppan, a 12-year veteran with a 106-101 record and a 4.60 ERA in 317 games, has been durable and an innings eater. He's never struck out 10 in his 301 starts, hasn't been on the disabled list in a decade, and has made 31 or more starts in each of the last eight seasons.
    That's just a bizarre sentence, that last one. It seems to be implying that striking out ten men in a game is a bad thing, or at least a sign of dangerous volatility. Next thing you know, he'll be jacking up threes, sporting a pink mohawk and voting for--gasp--Democrats! At least Brewers fan can take heart in Suppan's rich sense of humor:
    The five-hour date a week before Christmas was a rousing success. It showed the 32-year-old right-hander that Milwaukee was seriously wooing him. "It may have been the wine," Suppan deadpanned
  • In other news, the Brewers signed Grant Balfour:
    The Brewers also agreed to a $415,000, one-year contract with right-hander Grant Balfour. He can earn up to $135,000 in performance bonuses: $15,000 for 30 games, $25,000 each for 40, 45 and 55 games and $45,000 for 60 games.
    I like Grant Balfour. He's certainly a better guy to take a chance on than, say, Chris Spurling (who, I just learned, was outrighted to Nashville after the season and thus is no longer even on the 40-man roster). Balfour throws hard and TJ surgery is no longer a big deal. He can do good things for the back of our bullpen.
  • Rickie Weeks is recovering. Notably, Weeks is also a Cardinals spy, as shown by this passage:
    "Normally, the guys I work out with, they start this past week," said Weeks, whose workout partners include St. Louis shortstop David Eckstein and Washington shortstop Felipe Lopez.
    Basically, Rickie's wrist is now "100%" and he's not even really behind on his workouts. Haudricourt goes on to echo Adam McCalvy's article from yesterday with regard to The Plight Of Koskie; words like "clouded," "concerned," "until," and "Pilates" provide the appropriately somber tone.
  • Retro Sundays are becoming Retro Fridays: Now With Bobblehead!
    The Brewers unveiled their plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1982 American League championship team, highlighted by a reunion on Aug. 13 and 14.

    The yearlong celebration includes "Retro Fridays" instead of the "Retro Sundays" of last season. The Brewers will continue to wear throw-back uniforms that now will include a special patch with a logo celebrating the '82 title, and each Friday will feature a bobblehead giveaway.

    Maybe it's my cynical nature or the fact that I wasn't even alive in 1982, but the continued references to that team by the current one smack faintly of desperation. I know that thousands of Milwaukeeans have fond memories of that Series and that, by closely associating themselves with the Wallbangers, the Crushers hope to encourage a "winning atmosphere," but they may be laying it on a bit thick. At least Melvin and Weeks will be inspired by the constant mentions of their beloved Cardinals' eventual victory that year.