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We haven't had a link thread in a while...


  • ZiPS projections are out for the Blue Jays. Lyle Overbay looks great. Frank Thomas looks astonishing in only 92 games. Vernon Wells? Even if the contracts were equal, I might still take Bill Hall.

  • Richard Hidalgo hasn't attempted a comeback since last season. This year, it could be with the Astros. What fun.

  • Robert at Al's Ramblings notes that the Pirates may be interested in Jenkins. He claims that, in this market, Jenkins isn't overpaid. That assumes that Jenkins will bounce back. Last year, Geoff was one and a half wins above replacement. Sorry, but market value for hitters (especially ones with suddenly questionable fielding skills) isn't quite up to $4.5M per win. That doesn't mean, however, that Pittsburgh wouldn't be a good destination--they're always looking for random guys who used to be good, and they might have an interesting reliever or two worth taking a flyer on.

  • Ryan at Beyond the Boxscore analyzes #2 hitters last year. In the aggregate, the Brewers had decent power from that lineup slot, but poor OBP.

  • The Nationals are finally signing some pitching, including Brandon Claussen, who for some inane reason the Reds let go. Yeah, he was hurt, and he's never going to quite reach the level some people hoped for, but I'd be willing to bet that by the second half of this year, the Reds will be sending out starters who are not performing nearly as well as Claussen is at that point.