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Brewers Sign One Ulnar Collateral Ligament

That's right, folks: welcome R.A. Dickey to the fold.

I know who Dickey is for three reasons.  One, he was born sans the aforementioned elbow ligament in his pitching arm.  Two, he supposedly invented a new pitch and, rather unfortunately, named it the "Thang" (apparently, it's similar to a knuckle-curve).  Three, he once gave up six homers in one game.  Apparently the Thang didn't work out so great (think Rick Vaughn's "Terminator" in Major League II), and he's now trying to reinvent himself as a knuckleballer.

In any case, he's on a minor league deal, so we probably won't see him unless Sheets manages to Sheet himself and two or three other starters.  Nashville has better weather anyway, R.A.