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Overbay signs; more notes

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  • The Blue Jays and Lyle Overbay agreed on a four-year, $24M extension, which buys out his last two years of arbitration as well as his first two years of free agency. This is an absolute friggin' steal. Congrats to Lyle for getting this kind of financial security; congrats to the Jays for locking up a quality first baseman for the next four years. If Overbay keeps hitting the way he has for the next two years, he would've easily gotten $10M per year when he hit free agency after '08.

  • Ryan Armbrust has done some really interesting stuff with umpire data. He's compiled several graphs showing which umpires favor pitchers and hitters, respectively. The link goes to a preview of his stuff; follow the links in that article for more.

  • Jose Capellan is a starter (though only a four-inning one, it appears) in winter ball. Here's an update on winter league playoffs from the official site. The most intriguing Brewer in the postseason, however, is this guy:
    RHP Luther Hackman -- The former big leaguer picked up the win in relief on Jan. 7, as Hermosillo defeated Mochia, 8-6, to win its playoff series, 4-1. The right-hander has given up four hits over three scoreless innings in three postseason appearances.
  • Tom Haudricourt has an article on the Brewers new moderate-spending ways. It reminds us that we sacrificed our 2nd round pick to sign Jeff Suppan. I didn't realize Suppan had been offered arbitration by the Cards. Second round picks aren't worth losing much sleep over, but then again, Yovani Gallardo was a second round pick.

  • In the same article, Haudricourt checks in on Ben Sheets's status:
    "Everything we've heard is that he is feeling fine," said assistant general manager Gord Ash, who directs the club's medical program.

    Sheets had back surgery to correct a bulging disc before the '05 season and reported some minor discomfort earlier this winter. Ash said trainer Roger Caplinger went to Dallas to visit Sheets, and it was determined he merely needed to focus more on exercises to keep the back strong.

    "He cannot allow himself to sit for two months and do nothing," said Ash. "He's got to stay active and prepared. If he continues to do his strengthening and stabilizing exercises, he'll be fine."

    I guess that's okay. I do get worried, though: when somebody in the organization says anything other than "he's completely perfect," you start to wonder.

  • Not only did the Marlins sign Alex Sanchez to a minor-league deal, they're saying he has a realistic shot of being a starter. May I add: the Marlins have a realistic chance of sucking. The two things are not unrelated.