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Mench is signed, and Adam is wrong.

Kevin Mench and the Brewers avoided arbitration. No word yet on how much cash was involved. It's important to get this deal done, as it avoids what could've been a really messy arb hearing:

Gord: You suck!
Kev: No I don't!
Gord: You totally suck.
Kev: But I hit, like, ten homers in consecutive games!
Gord: That was in Texas, before you started to suck. In Milwaukee, you suck.
Kev: So trade me!
Gord: We tried.
Kev: What about the Orioles? They're always desperate for guys like me.
Gord: Tried them. They wouldn't take you unless we threw in Tim Dillard.
Kev: Ok, ok, I'll settle for $3.5M.
Gord: I think we're headed in the right direction. We just need to talk about that decimal place.
Here's the oddest part of Adam's article:
Mench, who turned 29 earlier this month, was considered the centerpiece of the six-player trade that sent slugger Carlos Lee to Texas last July for a package that also included reliever Francisco Cordero, outfielder Laynce Nix and a Minor Leaguer. But while Cordero emerged as the Brewers' new closer, Mench slumped badly, hitting .230 after the trade with no home runs after July 30.
Centerpiece? If Mench was the centerpiece of that trade, I'm the centerpiece of the 110th United States Congress.

Anyway, I'm glad this is over, though I won't be pleased when I find out what the actual number is. Now on to the important matters, like bringing back Rick Helling on a minor league deal!