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Weekend linkage

  • Wednesday night, I was on WMAR, a college radio station in the New York area. You can listen to the podcast here, though the host tells me the audio quality is usually better. I mostly talked about the Brewers and Cubs.

  • Here's my Hardball Times piece from yesterday, on the Adam LaRoche-Mike Gonzalez trade. I think it's a clear win for the Braves, though the Bucs don't come out too bad, either.

  • Here's Adam's middle infield preview, including this gem:
    "I feel stronger right now than I've ever been," Hardy said. "The main thing for me right now is, 'Can he stay healthy?' That's the question mark. I understand that. But I don't feel like I'm injury prone."
    I suppose you can't argue with that.

  • Brian Anderson answers some questions and continues to seem like an all-around good guy.

  • At Beyond the Boxscore, Ryan Armbrust looks at some "Obscure and invented stats" including this gem: Johnny Estrada had 36 doubles in 2004--with no triples and no steals. That's the 7th most doubles ever for someone with no triples or stolen bases.

  • This has been sitting in my bookmarks folder for a while now, but here's an attempt to project NL central lineups. It's from a Cardinals fan, and the lineup they use for the Brewers is probably wrong (and costs the Brewers some runs)--for example, no Corey Hart. Against the rest of the division, we come out fifth, just a hair behind the Astros. Park-adjusted, we're probably pretty close to the Reds (in third) as well. I'd rather be higher, but then again, our pitching staff is so superior to that of the Reds, Astros, and probably Cubs and maybe Cardinals, being within shouting distance is okay.