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Chase Utley signs a mega-deal

I know we all want Rickie Weeks to come back from injury and turn into our long awaited super-stud second baseman, but that could mean ponying up in the not-too-distant future:

Chase Utley and the Phillies agreed to a seven-year, $85 million extension Sunday, avoiding salary arbitration. The extension covers the final three arbitration seasons for Utley and his first four seasons of free agency.

If Utley keeps developing, that'll be a steal. The risk, of course, is that it's nearly $100M to a guy with only two full seasons under his belt. One thing that makes Rickie's situation potentially different is that Utley has never really had injury problems.

In other transactions news, Tomo Ohka may finally make a decision between the Nationals, Pirates, or Blue Jays. If I were Ohka, I'd go for Washington: good pitcher's park and not in the AL East--he may not get a ton of wins, but he could rack up some pretty ERAs that will help him make some money next time around.

Also, Cliff Floyd may be signing with the Cubs, at long last. It's this kind of move that reminds me not to worry about Jim Hendry--just when it looks like he's putting a nice team together, he punts on defense (Alfonso Soriano may move to center) in order to bring in someone to platoon with Matt Murton, who doesn't need a platoon partner. Brilliant!