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Monday happenings

  • It's an odd thing to start with, but here's a great article about former Mariner (and Brewers farmhand) Bucky Jacobsen, and his quest to get back to the majors.

  • Al refers to an item about Corey Koskie, which is, finally, somewhat optimistic. Still not all that optimistic.

  • This is also thanks to Al: this site passes on some info regarding Doug Davis:
    ...this is the best part...remember, this is before the Brewers traded him to Arizona. "Davis told me: `I would love to stay in Milwaukee, but I will probably be traded. That's fine, my arm is cashed anyway. I've got nothing left.'" Not only that, he was said to be working on a pretty impressive boiler as well.
    Well then. If true, that would certainly explain why he took a long-term, below-market contract, rather than waiting it out until next offseason.

  • Here's Adam's mailbag, in which he points out that Rickie Weeks is pencilled in to the leadoff slot. We discussed this nonstop last year. Many of us agree, I think, that Rickie is not a leadoff hitter--eventually, he could be a prototypical #3 guy. However, the Brewers really don't have a leadoff-type guy in the starting lineup. I'd much rather "waste" a power guy in the #1 hole than use, say, JJ Hardy, who's not going to get on base nearly as much as Rickie will.

  • Speaking of our future star second baseman, John Sickels is doing a community projection on him. I'm not crazy about the concept, especially since you all should go over there and predict ridiculously good numbers for him. Maybe Rickie will read it and our projections will boost his confidence!

  • Finally, here's a Pittsburgh Pirates roundtable discussion I contributed to. David Pinto, Dan Szymborski, and I discussed what changes the Pirates need to make to compete. Of course, it isn't pretty.