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Ohka's gone. He's really gone.

Tomo Ohka may no longer be a Brewer, but he's still loosely affiliated with Team Canada: the Blue Jays signed him to a one-year deal.

According to Ken Rosenthal in the linked article, he's expected to get no more than $1M. I guess the Brewers weren't the only team who were afraid of his injury!

As I mentioned below, I think it may be smart that Ohka elected to sign a one-year deal, take the chance he'll continue to struggle, health-wise, and test the market again next year. But since that was his decision, I'm surprised he went with Toronto. If you're building up stats for a year, do you really want to face the Red Sox and Yankees multiple times?

Then again, I suppose, if he gets lucky and gets into double-digit wins, he could be in that rare Ted Lilly territory, occupied by pitchers who are mediocre or a little better, but have proven they can succeed in the AL East. If he does that, he could have the Yanks, Red Sox, and Jays (maybe even the Orioles) after him for '08 and beyond. It's risky, but that would have a payoff.

Saarloos for Shafer

In other transactions news, the Reds traded for Kirk Saarloos, giving up a Double-A reliever, David Shafer. I'm very surprised the A's did this, as they could probably use the rotation insurance, and Shafer isn't exactly a top prospect. However, Shafer did have a very nice year in '06, allowing a major-league equivalent OPS of only .720.

In the short-term, this looks like a very good deal for the Reds, who desperately need more rotation depth. Saarloos isn't going to win 15 games--probably not even 10--but anything that keeps Paul Wilson, or Eric Milton, or Joe Mays, off the mound is a good thing for Cinci.