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The Brewers Were Putrid Last Year

So says Ken Rosenthal, in pegging them as one of four sleeper teams for next year. Ken might need a dictionary (or to get a less hyperbolic thesaurus), but it's nice to see the Brewers getting some positive publicity:

The Brewers will be a popular choice as the sleeper of 2007, even if one rival executive already says that they are "overhyped." Still, a rotation of Sheets, lefty Chris Capuano and righties Jeff Suppan, Claudio Vargas and Dave Bush could make the Brewers formidable, perhaps even a worthy challenger to the Cardinals in the NL Central.
Better to be overhyped than unfairly maligned due to displaced Bud Selig backlash, I suppose. Baby steps.

Rosenthal's "State of the Brewers" summary is pretty standard stuff, but the Brewers bandwagon is filling up nicely: they're winning the "Best of Ken's Surprise Teams" poll by a healthy margin.