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This Must Not Stand

For too many years, the Brewers have had little to be proud of. Sure, we've had Ben Sheets, and we've had some nice prospects. We even got excited about Richie Sexson for a couple of years.

But really, on the national stage, all we had to call our own was the Sausage Race. And now, the upstarts in Kansas City are horning in on our action:

While the Royals work on a replacement for the popular Krispy Kreme promotion, they also are working on what could be a rather fun feature involving the surprisingly popular hot-dog race seen on the JumboTron:

We're talking live hot-dog races featuring ketchup, mustard and relish.

Actually, it will consist of Royals staffers dressed in hot-dog costumes racing each other, similar to the sausage races at Milwaukee Brewers games.

So, it's the same thing, only less cool.

Kinda like the Royals.