Oh, Geoff, we know you're still great

Did you catch what Jinxie had to say about last year's benching?

"It was a tense situation last season, no doubt. It was tough on both sides, but I think they realized it was something they shouldn't have done. I think it was a very panicky situation, and they pulled the trigger too soon."

Too soon or not soon enough?

He was batting .254 last Aug. 11 when manager Ned Yost made the controversial decision to limit Jenkins' playing time and get longer looks at Hart and Gross. At the time, Jenkins had three homers in his previous 232 at-bats and just seven RBIs over the previous month.

Yeah, that's the thing with Neddy Ballgame: he's so quick to give his veterans the hook.  

Anyway, it's worth reading the article, if only to get a sense of how the outfield might be settled if no one gets traded.  Rather ominously,

Anderson, Gross, Gwynn and Nix all have at least one Minor League option remaining, according to Ash.

It's a good bet that if no trades are made, Gross is also sent to AAA.