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Luis Vizcaino's a Yankee

Another notable player was included in the deal, as well.  Here's the scoop from Baseball Digest Daily:

According to Sweeny Murti on WFAN, the Yankees have traded Randy Johnson back to the D'Backs in exchange for Luis Vizcaino and minor leaguers RHP Steven Jackson, RHP Ross Ohlendorf and OF Alberto Gonzalez.

According to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, all D-Backs minor leaguers are lower level prospects but are interesting nonetheless. They all certainly have big league potential.

There's a serious arms race going on in the West: the Giants got Zito, the Dodgers got Schmidt, the Padres picked up Maddux, and now the D-Backs look like they've added Johnson.  Lucky for us, the pitching in the central looks even worse than it was last year.