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NL Wild Card Tiebreaker Open Thread

It's Rockies vs. Padres at 6:37 CT tonight.

The Padres send probably Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy to the mound on regular rest.  The Rockies are going with Josh Fogg, who probably wouldn't have been pitcher of the year in Triple-A.  Marc Normandin has a very timely profile of the Rockies pitcher.

The game is in Colorado, and between the home field advantage and Colorado's superior stats to this point, BP's playoff odds report gives the Rox a 57% chance of advancing.  However, the report doesn't know that Peavy is on the mound.

I'm not rooting for either team.  I'm just hoping that it's decided in the 13th inning when Brady Clark comes to the plate against Elmer Dessens.