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THT: A familiar author on a familiar topic

At The Hardball Times today, I took a long look at Jenkins's option.  Dialing back a year or so, I think most of us agreed it was a no-brainer to decline it.  Now, it's not so clear.

But still, the presence of Gabe Gross means the money is better spent elsewhere:

In all likelihood, though, there will prove to be better ways to spend the $8 million saved by letting Jenkins walk. The bullpen was a problem, and Melvin could probably acquire two solid middle relievers for that sum. Another possible use would be to absorb salary as part of a trade for a catcher, another position at which the 2007 team was weak. While the Crew has fairly evenly-distributed talent throughout the diamond, there are still holes that eight million dollars would go a long way toward filling.

Of course, the author would appreciate it if you read the whole thing :).