Post Season Awards

I'm afraid the Brewers not only lost their chance at the playoffs this past weekend, but also the MVP and ROY for Prince and Ryan.  In fact, last night probably closed the deal--Holliday keeps the BA lead, grabs the RBI title, and comes up with a bloody chin on the season's final wild-card clinching play.  If Prince had a shot for the MVP at the beginning of last night's game, I'm pretty sure it slipped away when Holliday's hand (almost) scraped homeplate.  A writer over at The Hardball Times has developed an interesting calculator.  His calculator puts Prince behind Holliday, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard, although he thinks Prince will probably place third.  I'm not weighing in on the debate over which individual and team stats should count toward MVP voting.  I'm simply stating that the individual stats, team performance, and "intangibles" that voters count, all shifted in favor of Holliday last night.  To be honest, although I wanted Prince to win, I think you can make a solid argument for Holliday.

On the other hand, I have no doubt that Ryan Braun was the rookie of the year in the National League.  He set the all-time record for rookie slugging percentage.  Although he end up 10 PAs short of qualifying for rate stats, if you added 10 hitless ABs to his total, he would still hold the rooking slugging record.  Tulowitzki had been closing the gap over the past couple of weeks.  I think last night's 4-hit game, along with Braun's defensive struggles, get Tulowitzki the award.

Oh well, if we get out and vote, maybe Jeff Suppan will grab the Clemente award.