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Bye Bye, Walt Jocketty

Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty is gone:

The Cardinals and general manager Walt Jocketty have "parted ways," according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

...Assistant general manager John Mozeliak has been named interim GM by Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. and is a candidate to succeed Jocketty on a full-time basis.

It's tough to know how this will affect the Cards going forward, because many people influence front-office decision making.  But I've always thought Jocketty was quite good, and the struggles this year--which really weren't that bad, given that the Cards had a respectable year without Chris Carpenter--have something to do with a limited payroll.

It also might affect whether LaRussa returns.  I read an interesting rumor that Jocketty and TLR might both land in Seattle, which seems plausible.  God knows they need a new GM there.  Getting TLR out of the division will probably have no major effect on the Brewers, except that Miller Park vendors will sell fewer concessions when St. Louis is in town.