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Frank Kremblas Might As Well Be Dead

Adam has the scoop:

The Brewers will have their third bench coach in as many seasons when former All-Star Ted Simmons joins the staff for 2008.

Dale Sveum will move back to his old role as third-base coach to clear the spot for Simmons. Sveum also served as third-base coach in 2005, but became the bench coach after Robin Yount left the organization.

As we've speculated before, maybe Kremblas (or even Money) isn't getting the job because that would give the front office an easy replacement should Yost need to be replaced.

Instead, Yost is treating his coaching staff a bit like the cabinet ministers in a dictatorship, shifting everybody around so nobody gets very much power.  That way, no one can ever replace him!  (Yes, I know I'm getting carried away.)

I'm surprised by the Simmons move, but he certainly has a lot of (not directly relevant) experience:

Simmons will make his professional coaching debut, but he is certainly familiar with the National League. He headed the Cardinals' Minor League operations from 1988-91 before serving a season and a half as the Pirates' GM. After parts of six years as a scout and a special assistant to the GM in Cleveland, Simmons caught on with the Padres in 1999 and has been with that organization since, and has been San Diego's Major League scout/assistant to the GM since 2002.

Oh, and he was a much better player than Ned.  And most of the catchers in baseball.  

Except for Joe Torre.  (Sorry, CATALYST.)