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Thanksgiving recap

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There's been a flurry of activity of late regarding the Cream City Crushers.

  • You probably already know Estrada was traded for Guillermo Mota.  Ace reporter Michael has it covered, and the full story is here. Mota's caeer numbers are here, but good luck trying to predict how his 2008 season will pan out by looking at them.
  • Jason Kendall signed a one-year deal, with a second year vested based on plate appearances, all pending on a physical.  TheJay was nice enough to report it here, though be wary of your offseason Cub troll.  The full story is here.  We won't know the salary info until the physical is passed next week.  Interesting: Kendall was the only catcher to play 130+ games in each of the past 5 seasons.
  • Scott Linebrink is now a White Sock, according to ESPN.  Stevie Ray Braun breaks the story here.
  • Want a Hot Stove report on the Crew?  Here you go.  Nothing we don't already know --- and not particularly well-written --- but worth a read.  They suggest that Hall be moved back to the infield, Braun to the outfield, and we be in the market for a centerfielder (though not Torii Hunter, of course.  What kind of name is Torii anyway?).
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.