No More Shrek

I am sure that no one is really that surprised that he is gone, but it is now official, no more Mench. See the link here:

This combined with the loss of Jenkins means that while me now have a French-Canadian in the fold, we have neither side of our platoon, officially.  So is it Grynn time?

[editor's note, by Jeff] Technical note: he's been DFA'd, which means that the Brewers have a few days to try and trade him. If a team trades for him, they'll still have to decide whether to go to arbitration -- as is likely to happen with Estrada, a team could trade for him and then non-tender him, which would mean trading for him was pointless.

Also like Estrada, Mench is likely to get a (very) modest raise in arby, so a team that traded for him would have to be willing to pay $3.5MM or so. Given that he may not be worth that, it's more likely to me that no one will trade for him, he'll be released, and then he'll become a free agent, at which time interested teams don't have to worry about arbitration; they can make any sort of deal they want with him.